President Bio’s new direction government abandons ambassador Kao Denero after appointment

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From the look of things, it seems like President Bio’s New Direction government has abandoned Amb. Kao Denero since his appointment as a Special Envoy on Entertainment and Investment. From what we this write have gathered is that since 12th March 2021 when the Black Leo CEO was appointed by H.E Bio, he is yet to receive his basic monthly salary and other employment opportunities that should be accorded to him.

In response to my post on Thursday, Kao Denero has this to say ” Not all slander against you is harmful,some will actually vindicate your person.
Saying I don’t receive a salary shows how committed I am to my country and the upliftment of our industry.
Something not everyone will do in this day in age.” This is a confirmation that Ambassador Amara Turay Jalloh had not been receiving a salary since the day he was appointed.

Whilst other government functionaries are being paid and enjoying facilities, our only representative within the government is left to wallow in the wilderness despite the ripple effect he is trying to make.

The negligence toward Kao Denero by this current dispensation tells us that they are not committed to developing the entertainment industry. I will elaborate more on that in my ongoing publications about ” What President Bio has done for the Entertainment industry”.

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